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    Directors and Members

    Dr Jeremy Wakeford (Chairman)
    Dr Wakeford is an independent consultant specialising in energy, economics and sustainability. He is a Senior Lecturer Extraordinary in the School of Public Leadership at Stellenbosch University. Jeremy holds Master’s degrees in economics from the University of Cape Town and Cambridge University, and obtained his PhD in Sustainable Development from Stellenbosch University with a dissertation entitled “Socio-economic implications of global oil depletion for South Africa: vulnerabilities, impacts and transition to sustainability”.

    ASPO-SA Chairperson, Dr Jeremy Wakeford

    ASPO-SA Chairperson, Dr Jeremy Wakeford

    Jeremy is the author of the book “Preparing for Peak Oil in South Africa: An Integrated Case Study”, published by Springer in December 2013. He has written several research reports and has had numerous newspaper articles published on the topic of peak oil and related energy issues, and has been interviewed on SABC television, M-Net’s Carte Blanche programme and several radio stations. He currently writes a monthly column called “Energy Matters” for Engineering News Magazine. Jeremy was a principal author of ASPO-SA’s Energy Scenarios report for the SA Presidency’s scenario planning exercise of 2007, and of ASPO-SA’s report “Implications of Global Oil Depletion for the National Transport Master Plan” in 2008. He also led a research project on “Oil shock mitigation strategies for developing countries”, commissioned by the United Kingdom Department for International Development.

    Brandon Hurd (Secretary)
    Brandon Hurd works in Information Technology as a project manager for a small company with strong links to the energy sector. He joined ASPO in 2007 as he became concerned about the prospect of an increasingly energy-constrained future. Since that time he has continuously nourished his personal interest in both economics and energy, through targeted research. The areas he has focused on are: systemic weakness in the global economy, nuclear energy and electric vehicles. Brandon is a Political Studies Honours Graduate from the University of Cape Town. He is a born and bred Capetonian, yet has lived overseas for an extended period of time and travelled quite extensively. Somewhere along the way he came to realise that South Africa is the best place in the world to live and he therefore decided to return to Cape Town to raise his children and spend more time with his extended family. Brandon is also a keen mountaineer and lover of the great outdoors.

    Roger Diamond (Research Director)
    Roger Diamond is currently doing a PhD at UCT in groundwater, as well as acting as an environmental consultant, specialising in groundwater work, environmental training, environmental law, etc. He has worked in Australia as a geologist and hydrogeologist and in South Africa in waste management and environmental consulting. He has worked for government, private industry, a small consulting firm and now for himself. He also lectures at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. His peak oil interest comes from an environmental angle, especially energy efficiency, and related to this he has contributed to Bending the Curve, a local book on climate change, as well as 500 Energy Saving Secrets, an Australian publication. He also writes a blog on the Mail & Guardian’s Thought Leader website, called Peak Oil Perspectives (

    Dr Yaj Chetty (Communications Officer)
    Dr Yaj Chetty is a medical doctor, having graduated in Glasgow, Scotland in 1985. He has been in GP practice in Cape Town and New Zealand since 1991 with a post-graduate diploma (UCT) in occupational and environmental medicine. Yaj has been an active member of the South African New Economics Network (SANE) since 1999 in association with the late Margaret Legum and a member of ASPO-SA since its inception. He has published several articles in the local SA media on economic and peak oil related issues as well as participating in public debates on national radio talk shows on these issues. Yaj also has practical experience in the renewable energy sector.

    Dr Paul Hendler
    Paul Hendler is a Strategic Development Consultant, Outcomes-based Trainer/facilitator, Specialist Housing Researcher and Analyst, Housing and Development Finance Specialist, Risk Management Specialist, and Housing Entrepreneur. Strategic Development includes facilitating strategic planning sessions through structured workshop process, centrally locating local economic development (LED), energy demand and waste management and ecological sensitivity for sustainable development, as well as participative, iterative and client-driven strategic research and development projects. Outcomes-based Training/Facilitation includes facilitating interactive learning workshops, and formulating and writing learner-participant and facilitator training manuals. Housing Research and Finance includes housing research and needs analysis, structuring and packaging bankable housing project applications for social housing institutions, and leveraging the national housing policy and financial system context for delivering appropriate housing to people. Risk Management includes a risk management tool to identify, quantify, assess and propose management interventions for specifically defined risks in the affordable housing market and urban systems.